• West Fork Football


    Welcome to West Fork High School Football, home of the Gators. In 2023, the Gators will compete at the Freshman and Junior Varsity levels. 


    The West Fork Athletic Program will work together to build one of the Elite Athletic Programs in the state of Texas, not only in terms of wins and losses, but more importantly in terms of academic, social, and character development. 


    Mission Statement:

    The athletic department will supplement the educational process of the student-athletes at West Fork High School. The athletic program will provide opportunities for student-athletes to participate and succeed in competition, while promoting academic success. Student-athletes will be taught character, work ethic, discipline, goal-setting, decision-making, community service, and sportsmanship that will prepare them for future life experiences and assist them in becoming responsible, productive members of our community. 


    Core Values:

    G = Gratitude 

    A = Accountability 

    T = Trustworthy 

    O = Optimistic

    R = Respect 

    S = Service

    The West Fork Football Foundation:

    The West Fork Gator Football Program is built upon 4 fundamental principles that form the foundational values by which we live on and off the football field.

    1. Fanatical Effort 

    2. A Positive Winning Attitude 

    3. Toughness 

    4. Accountability 

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