Tech Support

  • Peripherals, Wiring, Security, Cameras & Computers

    The Technology Support Specialist team is responsible for installing, repairing, maintaining all computers, laptops, desktops, technology peripherals, projectors, security cameras, printers and wireless access points. The Team is supported by technology specialist that are dedicated to providing the following services:
    • Provide dedicated hardware and software support to all GCCISD users, teachers, and students.
    • Keep track of workstations that are in and out of warranty, and coordinate all workstation repairs. Provide consistent application and implementation of all workstation hardware and software.
    • Assist users with software or hardware problems. Provide first level support training to district users.
    • Perform preventative maintenance to reduce necessity for repairs.
    • Support and maintain monitors, disk drives, computers, CD-ROMs, scanners and all related technology workstation equipment.
    • Schedule and complete order requests, and update status for each access points, scanners, and etc.
    • Act as the lead contact for TMS in the area of technology wiring for all campuses.
    • Provide dedicated technology support to district computer users.
    • Assist district computer users when software or hardware problems occur.
    • Perform preventative maintenance to reduce technology repair needs.
    • Schedule and complete service requests, and update status for each.
    • Evaluate equipment performance, and prepare reports including recommendations for design and operational improvement o the equipment.
    • Coordinate with construction and contractors on wiring needs and infrastructure for new facilities when necessary.

NEW Tech Building Location

21480 Valley Ranch Bend Drive, Porter 77365 || Located behind Valley Ranch Elementary School

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