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    Attention students...You cannot miss a LSC-KW exam! They do NOT do makeup exams at Lone Star. If you have a conflict with an Infinity exam, complete this form. Make sure you communicate the conflict with your Infinity teacher. TCOB!

    NCISD Semester/Final Exam Exemption Criteria

    1. Students are allowed to exempt 3 finals regardless of grade level if they meet the criteria. 
    2. If the semester grade is 80 or higher the student is allowed 0-3 absences.
    3. If a student has 6 or more tardies in a class, that student will not be eligible to exempt that class.  Tardies will reset each semester. 
    4. If the semester grade is 79 or below the class is not eligible for exemption.
    5. Students may not exempt EOC tested subjects in the fall semester.
    6. AP courses can be exempt from the spring final exam with participation in the AP exam.
    7. Dual Credit courses cannot be exempted either semester based upon college guidelines.
    8. Students who are exempt MUST attend the classes they exempt in the first semester. For second semester the students do not have to attend class if they exempt a final.

    The attendance codes that are not counted in the number of absences are listed below with a brief explanation. 

    IS – In school suspension 

    PR – Means Present. IS used when we correct an error made by the teacher or attendance clerk

    RL – Religious Holiday

    T – Tardy

    HB – Home Bound

    X – This is the code we use for field trips and extracurricular trips

    M – Misses part of the day and brings a Dr note. This allows us to get funding

    OF – Office, student was in the office for attendance time

    NU – Nurse send the student home during the period. 

    TS – Student is on a testing roster just not with the classroom teacher. 

    DL – Drivers Licenses 

    CL – College Visit (limited to 2 per year for Junior and Senior)