To ensure safety of students/staff/patrons the following Protocols will go into effect for the opening of our PAC.


    Before Patrons Arrive:

    • NCISD Safety Protocols will be posted on the Entry doors of the PAC as well as communicated to Parents through the School Website, through their student participants, and through social media outlets such as twitter/band/instagram.
    • The PAC will be mist sanitized prior to the performance
    • PAC will be given a thorough cleaning before the show
    • Tickets will be sold online only through LUDUS which automatically sets up safe social distancing for the seating

    Entry Procedures:

    • Administration/Parent Volunteers and students will be Ushers to ensure appropriate entry and exit of the PAC.
    • Masks will be required for all patrons and volunteers at all times
    • Tickets will be sold online only through LUDUS and scanned by usher as they arrive
    • Aisles will be clearly marked and Ushers will help ticket holders to their seats
    • House will open a half hour early to allow for patrons to enter as they arrive and not crowd the lobby
    • 6ft Floor markers will be placed in case a line needs to be formed as patrons enter the PAC
    • Contact Free Playbills will be available with a QR code
    • Hand Sanatizer will be at the entrance of the PAC and patrons will be encouraged to use it as they enter
    • Sanitizer wipes will be provided for Patrons to use on their chair if they would like to
    • There will be no intermission so Patrons will be encouraged to use the facilities before the show
    • Patrons will be asked to stay seated for the whole performance unless an emergency happens

    Exit Procedures:

    • Patrons will be asked to release from the auditorium from the back to the front. Partons at the Front may also use the Exit at the side of the stage
    • Student participants will immediately leave the PAC from the back of the building after the show is cleaned up and go to their vehicles.

    Production Procedures:

    • Performers will wear masks while backstage at all times
    • Technicians will wear gloves when using PAC technology 
    • All onstage performers may perform without a mask (for theatre) 
    • Staging is geared towards social distance protocols and physical contact is extremely limited 
    • Students are given staggered arrival times to the show. Technicians will arrive 1 hour before the show and actors 45 minutes prior to the show.
    • Actors will come fully dressed and made up for the performance 
    • Sanitizing of props and set pieces will take place before the show by the technicians 
    • Actors will be responsible for their costume- they will wear it home, wash it and wear it for the next performance. At the end of the show the costumes will be collected and professionally cleaned.