• Parents & athletes, please read the following information regarding treatments!

    We are not able to prop doors open or blindly open the door before school. Our new treatment policy is if you come to morning treatments, the door will open at 6:15am and it will close at 6:20am. If you come after 6:20am you must wait until the building opens at 6:45am and come through the front doors or cafeteria. Anyone who is wanting treatment needs to be in the athletic training room by 6:50am. Morning treatments are for athletes who have afternoon practice. 


    We will also have afternoon treatments on most days. In order to get treatment, you must be in the athletic training room by 3:05pm. Afternoon treatments are for athletes who have morning practice. There will be no afternoon treatments on days there is a varsity football game. 

    If you absolutely cannot come to either of these treatment times due to outside reasons, please reach out to Coach Warren or Ms. Kight and we will accommodate as best we can. 

    Thank you for understanding.

    NCHS Athletic Trainers