Special Education

  • All teachers, staff and students within a special education classroom/setting will adhere to all safety precautions in the on-campus instruction plan; however, it may not be feasible, depending on the needs of a student with a documented disability receiving special education services, to maintain social distancing guidelines while also receiving the supports outlined in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). For students with a documented disability, the required use of PPE will be made on an individual basis and documented in the student’s IEP as appropriate. All teachers and staff providing support in a special education setting will be required to wear PPE and maintain social distancing guidelines. During times when it is necessary for teachers and staff to be in close proximity to a student to provide physical prompting, behavior supports, and/or assist with self-care, all teachers and staff will be required to wear PPE. In addition, touch surfaces and shared materials will be cleaned and sanitized frequently to ensure a safe environment.