Arrival, Dismissal, and Transition

  • Parents will follow site-specific arrival and dismissal plans as communicated by the campus. When transporting or walking children to school, please follow all signage, drop off and pick up children at the appropriate locations, and quickly exit the parking lots.

    • Each group of students will be directed to a designated location prior to the start of school as communicated by your student’s campus.
    • Water fountains will not be accessible. Students should bring bottled water or a refillable water container to school.
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at entrances, exits, and common areas throughout the building.
    • All areas of the building (gym, cafeteria, larger classrooms, common areas, etc.) will be utilized to limit the size of student groupings.
    • Dismissal exit points will be established.
    • Campuses will implement staggered release procedures.
    • Students will be released directly from their classroom whenever possible.
    • Transition time of students will be limited as much as possible during the school day. Whenever possible, teachers in grades PK-5 will rotate into the classrooms to limit student transitions.