• Helping at Home

    Although we work very hard at school, you are your child’s first teacher. So much of what you do at home has an impact on their success in school. I am a working mom and know how busy life can get. Don’t be discouraged because of time constraints. Below are some tips on how to be intentional about their education in your everyday activities.

    •  Talk with your child. Language development is the first step to becoming a good reader. Talking in the car is often a great place because everyone is in one confined space with nothing else to do. Use lots of vocabulary about the things around you. Play games like “I spy” to promote the use of descriptive words.


    •  Hang an analog clock in your home. Teach the child to read and use it often. Instead of answering the question, “What time is it?” make the child go look at the clock.


    •  Have the child sort coins. They will learn the names of the coins and be able to group by shape or color. After they are comfortable with that, teach the value of each coin and easy ways to add the money.


    •  Make time for storytelling. This is a great way to encourage the creative side of your child. Every story needs a character, problem, and solution. These could be real stories about experiences you all have had or make believe stories about something they wish they could do one day. This is the first step in the writing process. Storytelling provides the structure to their writing. It helps them to stay focused and make it easy for the reader to understand.


    •  Include your child in trips to the grocery store. Put them in charge of marking off the list. This will help with sound / symbol recogition. They could help you find the item on the shelf. This helps them to be strategic in their thinking. You can have casual conversations about how much things cost, tax, and how to stick to a budget. Explain how money gets onto a debit card as you are in the check out line. Talk about the difference between a credit and debit card. Teach financial responsibility early.