• Reading

    It is so important for your student to be exposed to reading. Please devote at least 20 minutes of your night to reading. Depending on the ability of the child, this could be an independent activity or a joint activity between the parent and the child.  I encourage you to read to your child even as their ability to read independently grows.

    Talk with your child about their reading. Below are some examples of questions you could ask.

    Before reading:

    • Looking at the title, cover and illustrations/pictures, what do you think will happen in this book?
    • What characters do you think might be in the book?
    • What do you already know about the topic of this book?

    During reading:

    • What do you predict will happen next?
    • Why do you think the character did ____________?
    • How would you have felt if you were the character?
    • When you read, what pictures did you see in your head?

    After reading:

    • Why is the title a good title for the book/story?
    • If there was a problem, did it get solved?
    • Did any of the characters change through the story?  How?
    • What was your favorite part? Why?