Frequently Asked Questions




    How do I apply for the scholarship?

    Applicants will need to submit the application on the Scholarship Website

    If I received the scholarship last year, am I still eligible to receive the scholarship for this year as well?

    Yes. We encourage you to apply again for the scholarship. Additionally, when you submit your application, be sure to update all the sections of the application to ensure the work you have done toward your education is reflected. 

    What if some of my references were not returned?

    You are required to list three references in Part I of the application. For an application to be considered by the committee, at least two to three of your references must be returned. However, your principal's reference is required. 

    Will you accept a hard copy of the scholarship application and required documents instead of the online application?

    No. Only applications that have been submitted online with the required uploaded documents will be accepted. Applicants may access the application on the NCISD Human Resources website and submit their application electronically using the form links.

    When is the application deadline?

    November 16, 2023. No submissions after this date will be allowed for consideration.

    Do I need to have already started the application process or be currently enrolled in a program in order to apply for the scholarship?

    The application will have a specific area to list where you will attend university/program, etc. You will need to have a plan as to where you will be attending. This plan will also need to be embedded in the essay portion if you are a new applicant.

    I will be starting classes as a new student in the upcoming semester. May I apply for an NCISD Education Foundation scholarship?

    Yes, you are able to apply for a scholarship.

    I am a part-time student. Am I eligible for a scholarship?  

    Yes, NCISD Education Foundation scholarships are open to both part-time and full-time students.



    Documents To Be Submitted:


    Does my transcript have to be an official copy?

    No. You may go online to your student account and download an unofficial transcript. However, the unofficial transcript must include the student's name, name of college/university/program, and a date.

    Do I need to provide written letters of recommendation?

    No. Simply provide your name and contact information, and a recommendation form will be sent to your references.

    In addition to an NCISD Supervisor, can I list as a reference someone outside of the District, such as a former teacher, friend, employer, or relative?

    Yes. However, you must have at least one District Supervisor listed. The remaining references should be those that are familiar with your professional work. We recommend you select references that can speak to your work and commitment to students.

    What should I include in my essay?

    Your essay should provide the following information for the reader (at minimum):

    • What do you do now?  How do you serve the students of NCISD in your present position?
    • What college/university will you attend? Major?
    • Why do you want to continue your education?
    • What are your goals?  
    • What do you hope to do with your degree?  
    • Tell the committee your story!
    • Describe your plan!
    • Type is double-spaced
    • Times New Roman 12 font, one-inch margin
    • Name and title of the essay on the top of each page
    • Be sure to check spelling and grammar before submission


    Award Notification:


    How will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship?

    A notification letter will be emailed to the address listed on your application. The email will be sent only to those who are receiving a scholarship after the Scholarship Committee has made selections.

    If awarded a scholarship, how will I receive the funds?

    Student Financial Services (Business Office) will post the awarded funds to your student account at the beginning of the Fall/Spring academic year.

    When can I access my award funds?

    During the period for which the award was funded, usually beginning in either August or January of the academic year. For example, funds will typically be awarded in August or January. All scholarships should be used before June 30th.

    What can cause a delay in funds being disbursed to my university or program?

    • Not returning the Scholarship Award Form to on or before the due date can result in a delay in fund disbursement.
    • Universities and or Certification Programs that are not included on the District Vendor List will cause a delay in processing.

    How do I know if my university or program is on the approved vendor list? If my learning institution is not on the list, what can I do? Please note that ALL universities and programs can be part of the vendor list, once they submit the proper documents to NCISD.

    Please see  the approved vendor list as of 6/21/2023:
    Approved Colleges, Universities, and Programs