• NCISD School Counselors, District Crisis/Behavior Intervention Counselors, and our Community Mental Health partners are available and ready to support our students and families.

    Accessing Counselors:

    School counselors will be available to respond to emails and appointments can be made to connect with a parent or student via phone if needed. Responses and appointments will occur during normal operating hours. You can find contact information for your school counselor on your campus website under About, or Academics - Counseling or by clicking here.

    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

    We know that how a person thinks, their mindset, is a powerful determinant in the quality of life they experience. Competency in social emotional skills is particularly beneficial in these uncertain times. To assist students and families in developing optimal mindsets, weekly SEL lessons are available in the CORE Connections course in Canvas. School counselors are available to assist students and families with lesson facilitation. In addition to the weekly lessons, supplemental Social Emotional Well-Being Activities are available in the Counselor Support Canvas course.

    District Crisis/Behavior Intervention Counselors:

    Parents/guardians can reach out to district crisis/behavior intervention counselors during normal operating hours for additional mental health and/or family support. Please contact counselors via email according to the campus your child attends.

    • Kristie Robinson: KRobinson2@newcaneyisd.org
      • Dogwood EL, New Caney EL, Tavola EL, Valley Ranch EL, Keefer Crossing MS, New Caney HS
    • Mia Sepulveda: MSepulveda@newcaneyisd.org
      • Brookwood Forest EL, Crippen EL, Oakley EL, Sorters Mill EL, Pine Valley MS, Porter HS
    • Mary Schweitzer: MSchweitzer@newcaneyisd.org
      • Bens Branch EL, Kings Manor EL, Porter EL, White Oak MS, Woodridge Forest MS, Infinity ECHS

    Crisis Wraparound Services

    Parents/guardians can reach out to the district Crisis Wrap-around Services Counselor (CWSC) during normal operating hours for community and mental health resources. The Crisis Wrap-around Services Counselor service area is district wide. For assistance, please contact CWSC via email. 

    Sabrina Morales: SMorales@newcaneyisd.org

    Community Counseling Services

    The coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented. Fear and anxiety about the unknown can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in children and their families. Yes To Youth is available to assist virtually and in-person (as needed) for mental health services. Call 936-756-8682 to connect with a counselor. Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare’s Conroe Crisis Center and Crisis Hotline are available to serve our community 24/7. Contact them at 1-800-659-6994

    Crisis Support

    We want to ensure that students and parents have access to the crisis support they need. If you feel like you want to harm yourself or others please reach out immediately to any of the following:

    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • Crisis Text Line: Text: HOME to 741741
    • Kingwood Pines Hospital: 281-404-1001 Open 24 Hours
    • Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare 24-hour Crisis Hotline: 800-659-6994
    • Memorial Hermann Northeast Mental Health Crisis Clinic: 713-338-6422
    • Yes to Youth 24-hour Crisis Hotline: 1-888-756-8682
    • COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 /7: 1-833-986-1919
    • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
    • 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room if you can get there safely