Family Medical Leave Act

  • What is FMLA?  

    FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. Employees that require FMLA or have questions should contact Marsha Stuard in benefits for details on eligibility, requirements, and limitations.
     An employee shall submit medical certification of the need for leave if: 

    1. The employee is absent more than five (5) consecutive workdays because of personal illness or illness in the immediate family;
    2. The District requires medical certification due to a questionable pattern of absences or when deemed necessary by the supervisor or Superintendent;
    3. The employee requests family and medical leave for the employee’s serious health condition or that of a spouse, parent, or child; or
    4. The employee requests family and medical leave for military caregiver purposes. In each case, medical certification shall be made by a health-care provider as defined by the FMLA. 

    If you know you are going to be out for a period of time, you are required to contact Rose Arias regarding payroll and Carmen Trevino regarding your benefit premiums.



    Auxiliary Unpaid Extended Leave

    If eligible, Unpaid Extended Leave is available after all state leave days have been exhausted. An eligible employee shall be granted a maximum of 20 days of unpaid extended leave in a school year.

    An employee shall be eligible for unpaid extended leave when:

    1. The employee has been employed by the District for at least 12 months
    2. The employee serves in a position that is not eligible for paid local leave; and
    3. Either the circumstances of the employee's service with the District or the reason for the absence prevents the employee from qualifying for FMLA leave.

    Sick Bank

    The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide paid sick leave days in addition to state and local leave days when a Member has already exhausted his/her individual leave, but is unable to perform the duties of their position due to an eligible extended illness or condition, as identified in these guidelines.


    All professional or para-professional personnel of New Caney ISD who are in an allocated budgetary position (FTE), and who are eligible to earn at least one (1) local leave day prior to the last day of December in any year, are eligible to be members of the Employee Sick Bank.

    Sick Bank FAQ

    1. How do I request Sick Bank days?
      Once you have completed the request form, send it in to Marsha Stuard, Risk Management Specialist. When the Risk Management Specialist has received your medical form from your doctor they will then put it with your request form and schedule a meeting with the Sick Bank Committee.

    2. What papers and doctor’s notes do I need to turn in?
      The Sick Bank Request packet will contain the forms you need to submit. There will be a request form for you to complete and the physician's statement and medical form for your doctor to complete.

    3. How will I know if my Sick Bank request has been approved or denied?
      Once the Sick Bank Committee has met and reviewed your request, the Districts Risk Management Specialist will send you a letter through your school email as well as through regular mail letting you know of the committee’s decision.

    4. If I do not receive a paycheck, what will happen to my health plan benefits?
      If you do not receive a paycheck or if your paycheck is insufficient to make the premium deductions, you will need to make payments for any premiums which are due. Questions regarding your premium payments, contact Carmen Trevino. If you would like to make arrangements with Payroll contact Rose Arias.