• Technology Applications


    Ms. Sagrario Salcedo

    White Oak Middle School

    (281) 577-8800 X4154


    Course Description

    Through the study of technology applications, students make informed decisions by understanding current and emerging technologies, including technology systems, appropriate digital tools, and personal learning networks. As competent researchers and responsible digital citizens, students use creative and computational thinking to solve problems while developing career and college readiness skills.


    Course Outline

    • Canvas District Tools
    • Intermediate/Advanced Keyboarding
    • Digital Citizenship
      • Digital Etiquette
      • Appropriate Use
      • Online Safety
      • Cyber Bullying
    • Computer Basics
    • Office 365
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
      • Publisher

    • Google Programs
      • Docs
      • Sheets
      • Slides
    • Coding/Programming
      • JavaScript/HTML
    • Technology Trends
      • Current & Past



    • Headphones or earbuds

    Optional supplies:

    • Kleenex
    • Hand Sanitizer


    Major Grades = 60%

    • test
    • Projects

    Daily Grades = 40%

    • Quizzes
    • Daily Assignments
    • Daily participation



    This class is heavily project-based. Since the assignments are digital, they can be accessed at home if need be. We will rely solely on CANVAS, which contains our calendar, assignment information, test reviews, and documents.

    Class Participation

    Students will have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in class activities. In addition, group assignments will be assigned throughout the semester.



    Tutorials will be before school. My conference period is during 2nd/7th periods.


    Cell Phone Policy

    • If I see it, it’s mine. It will then be turned into the office and your parents will have to pay $ to get it back.


    Leaving the Computer Lab

    • The student will fill out a Google form that will be bookmarked on their Chrome browser. The Google Form will document your restroom/water breaks etc… 
    • Before leaving the computer lab, leave your phone in the electronic basket and take the hall pass with you.


    Computer Lab Norms

    • ENTER - the computer lab prepared and ready to work.

    • SHIFT - into learning mode. Pay attention to the lesson and stay on task.

    • DELETE - any bad attitudes or negative thinking

    • COMMAND – respect by raising your hand to speak and not interrupting others.

    • CONTROL – yourself by using low voices and respecting everyone’s space.

    • RETURN – everything how you found it – clean up your station & log off the computer.