• Absence Reporting and Leave Information

    All employees who are absent are required to use leave as outlined in the employee handbook. The district offers various types of personal leave that are available for use at the beginning of your work calendar:

    State Leave

    State law entitles all employees to (5) five days of paid personal leave per year. State leave is transferrable between Texas school districts meaning you can bring your state days or take them with you.

    Local Leave

    Local leave is provided in addition to state leave for some employees, auxiliary employees are not entitled to local leave. The Board has set local leave to be earned in the following increments:

    10 month employees - (3) days

    11 month employees - (3.5) days

    12 month employees - (4) days

    Non-Paid Vacation Days (Flex Days)

    In addition to state and local leave, all 12 month employees are entitled to flex days. These are non-paid vacation days built into your work calendar, the amount of flex days given to 12 month employees will vary based on the work calendar designated each school year. 

    Late Hires

    Late hires will have their leave prorated based on their compensated work days for the school year in which they are hired. The amount of prorated leave earned is calculated using the Earned Leave Schedule on the Payroll website.  

    For the more detailed information on our Leave policy, please visit the Employee Handbook. For medical leaves and/or worker's compensation information, please contact our Benefits Department at 281-577-8600.

    Discretionary vs. Non-Discretionary Leave - What's the difference?

    Discretionary leave is taken at an employee's discretion that is scheduled in advance. When requesting this type of leave (5 days or less), the employee must submit a Discretionary Leave Request Form to their supervisor for approval. A discretionary leave calendar and request form is available on the Benefits Deparment website. Please see the employee handbook on limitations that may apply.

    Non-Discretionary leave is used for unforseen circumstances in which an employee had very little, if any, advanced planning. Circumstances include, personal or family illness, family emergency, a death in the family or active military service. 

    Employees who expect to absent more than 5 days must contact the Benefits Department to discuss their leave options at 281-577-8600. 

    Reporting an Absence

    To report an absence, you will need to login to the district's absence reporting system. 

    Click Here To Report An Absence

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