• Service Record and Transcript Information

    Upon hire, you must provide Human Resources with original transcripts and service records within 45 days of your hire date.

    Service Records:

    You are responsible for requesting your service records from previous districts and submitting the original to Human Resources. Remember, salary credit for experience in, or out of state, will not be granted until original service records are received and verified. State leave balances are not updated until the original service record has been submitted. 

    Transcripts need to bear the original seal and the signature of the registrar. Original transcripts are not required to be in a sealed envelope, however, it must be on the institution’s paper. Human Resources will only accept electronic transcripts sent directly from the institution.

    Have electronic transcripts sent to Jennifer Wavra at jwavra@newcaneyisd.org. We will not accept a forwarded electronic transcript. If you have previous school district experience and are unable to get a service record, please use our Experience Verification Form.