• What is KLAAASH?

    The KLAAASH club is very similar to the Chess club. The difference is that KLAAASH is a bit easier and it's played with multiple players (sometimes up to 9 at one time). The vision and goal of our members is to play, produce, and compete with this board game. Every year, club members add a new "something" or features to KLAAASH.

    To learn to play KLAAASH, students have created KLAAASH web games and video tutorials.


    $15.00 (for shirts)

    Meeting Days

    Official meeting, every Tuesday morning in room J122

    Playing Times

    Every morning and Monday 4:05 to 5pm


    Club members and Players will be on a Ranking system. The more they play, the higher the ranking will be awarded.
    Top 8 players will play at the end of the year for our 1st Annual "Thinking Man (or Woman)" Trophy.

    Players that play KLAAASH exercise their mental, cognitive  and teamwork skills. Their cognitive skills are also sharpened as they play against other players with way more experience than them.


    Every Monday, members test (play) their KLAAASH skills against the sponsor, Mr. Acosta.

    KLAAASH Vision

    To have a board available in all the schools in New Caney district. Our members will manufacture the boards and pieces.

    K - Knowledge
    L - Leadership
    A - Action
    A - Attention 
    A - Ambition 
    S - Skill 
    H - Humble(ness)

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2018-2019 Officers

  • President:  Vacamt

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