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  • Welcome to the Eagle Battalion!

    Established in 1974, the NCHS Eagle Battalion has a storied tradition of professional excellence reflected in the gold star won and worn by our cadets. The gold star designates the Eagles as an Honor Unit with Distinction - an award made by Cadet Command to exemplary units worldwide. Fewer than 10% of the over 1700 schools can claim this honor! Our cadets represent a cross-section of the overall school population and include athletes, band and choir members, CATES students, and honor roll graduates.

    Unlike many other classes, JROTC stresses hands-on learning and cadet leadership. CADETS run the battalion! Differing from normal academic classes, JROTC is a developmental program encompassing citizenship, character, and leadership focusing on building self-esteem, confidence, and team building skills to become successful and productive students and citizens. Cadets are more than students; they are leaders who are preparing themselves for success in school and in life.

    Cadets will learn to:

    • Exercise personal responsibility and accountability- as a member of a team and as a citizen. Cadets will explore values and ethical decision making that will serve as a foundation for honorable leadership.
    • Contribute as a member of a team - by being afforded opportunities to lead in the classroom as well as in extracurricular teams. Cadets will learn the importance of good followership in the performance of a team and as a leader.
    • Improve physical fitness and emotional resiliency - as a participant in individual and team physical fitness activities. Goals include improving the level of individual fitness by stressing the importance of raising individual expectations as well as through understanding healthy eating and fitness habits.
    • Enhance critical thinking and oral and written communication skills - by challenging conventional thinking and methods in accomplishing real-world decision making and project execution. Cadets are expected to provide oral and written presentations based on real situations.
    • Understand the importance of and respect for diversity - through gaining an understanding of the power of the team which lies within the individual talents and contributions of a well-balanced and cohesive group working toward a common goal.
    • Build self-esteem, confidence, and pride - by wearing the cadet uniform weekly. Proper wear of the uniform teaches attention to detail, personal pride, and responsibility. Cadet promotions and the established award and recognition systems of JROTC encourage goal-setting behaviors, sense of accomplishment, as well as individual and unit pride.
    • Establish & improve planning and goal-setting behaviors - by requiring cadets to set goals throughout their cadet experience and beyond high school. Cadets will learn the importance of backward planning, initiative, perseverance, and personal responsibility by meeting goals.

    JROTC is not a military preparation or recruitment program - there is no obligation associated with participation in JROTC. The mission of JROTC is "To Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens"!

Contact Us

  • Instructors

    COL (R) Kris Arnold

    Senior Army Instructor

    281-577-2800 Ext. 5200


    MSG (R) Duane R. Wells

    Army Instructor

    281-577-2800 Ext. 5162


  • Battalion Chain of Command

    Battalion Commander

    C/LTC Blake Eddins


    Battalion Executive Officer

    C/MAJ Hannah Smith




    Battalion Command Sergeant Major

    C/CSM Waylon Nieves

  • Special Teams Commanders