Drama Club

  • Theatre Arts Drama Club 

    With Mrs. Rostad 
    Room D134
    Drama Clubs First Social: August 30th 4:14 - 5pm  D134 Theatre Arts Room (pick up by cafeteria doors)
    Dates to be Announced - The Theatre Arts Council must have a meeting to decide the best days to meet.

    How to Earn an Award for participation in Theatre Arts at WFMS:

    You must earn 30 points throughout your WFMS career in order to earn an award in Theatre Arts. You earn points through participation in Theatre Arts shows and events. You will only earn the full points for each activity if you actively participated. This point award system is determined by the director and TAC members based on the level of participation in the role each student puts in. A score card will be made for each student when they first earn points.


    • 4 roles in shows (Any role including crew)

    • Participate in a Fundraiser

    • Attend several TAC meetings or Socials (6 minimum)

    How to Achieve a Theatre Arts All Star Award:

    You must earn _60___ points throughout your WFMS career in order to achieve this honor in Theatre Arts at WFMS. You earn points through participation in several shows and events with Theatre Arts and Drama Club at WFMS. The requirement is to be in major roles and present at several events to achieve the All Star Award. 


    • 3 main character roles (including Stage Manager)

    • Officer of TAC (1 time)

    • Attend several TAC meetings or socials (6 minimum)

    • Participated in at least 6 shows on campus (Any role)

    • Participate in a Fundraiser 



    Points System for Participation: 


    Participation in Show:

    • Major Role Up to -6 (Lead)
    • Minor Role Up to -4 (Speaking)
    • Ensemble Up to -4 (Non-Speaking)
    • Understudy Up to -4 (Ready to step in, well-practiced)
    • Stage Manager (Major Role) Up to -6
    • Crew Up to -4

    Participation in Fundraisers: 

    • Up to -5 points

    Win an award for your role in a show:

    • Up to -5 points


    • President Up to- 6
    • VP Up to - 5
    • Social Up to - 5
    • Treasurer Up to - 5
    • Historian Up to - 5

    TAC Meetings or Socials:

    • Attend TAC meetings and socials - 1

Theatre Teacher