Porter Eagle

Welcome to Porter Elementary

  • Mission

    With the support of their teachers, their parents, and the community, we believe WITHOUT EXCUSE that all students will demonstrate mastery in reading, writing, and math so that they may achieve their greatest potential.

    We are focused on ONE GOAL!

    Without excuse, 100% of Porter Elementary students will excel in reading, writing, and math which will prepare them to be successful at a university of their choice.


    Always an Eagle in All Ways




    Blue and White

    Fun Facts

    Porter Elementary opened in the fall of 1965. The original building was enlarged to suit a growing population in 1975. The building had construction again in 2003 adding new classrooms and remodeling the existing space. The building as it now stands houses almost 715 students and 80 staff members. We are Proud Porter Eagles and practice that every day with our character traits of honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, being respectful, responsibility, fairness, caring, and being good citizens. We are always an Eagle in all ways.