• Welcome to Keefer Crossing Middle School!

    Mission and Vision Statement:



    KCMS will be a safe place for students and teachers to grow. We will be a positive multicultural campus that focuses on growth,  academically, socially, and digitally.


    4 Opportunities for Growth:

    Academic: We will effectively engage in learning to prepare our students for success in high school and beyond.

    Social: We will grow socially and emotionally by encompassing the 7 Mindset's model to enrich our relationships.

    Digital: We will engage in digital content and learn how to be successful and responsible digital citizens.

    Cultural: We will positively engage in the lives of our KCMS family. We will see value in lives that are different than our own and seek to build our capacity for empathy in order to grow and mold our school culture.



    "Growing together"


    Blue, White, Black


    Kodiaks beginning Fall 2021

    Eagles (2013-2021)

    Year built:

    2021 - Location at Gene Campbell

    1959 (original building on 1485)