Eagle University

  • Students at New Caney High School are offered the opportunity to enroll in Dual Credit and Advanced Placement courses that simultaneously award college credit while earning a high school diploma. Students who participate are in a distinct organization called Eagle University, or Eagle U.

    New Caney High School offers 35 hours of dual credit courses through Lonestar Kingwood College. Teachers who instruct these courses hold Master’s degrees in their subject area, and many teach college classes in the evening or during the summer. Courses available include the following: English IV (6 credits), Calculus (4 credits), Pre Cal (4 credits), College Algebra (3 credits), US Government (3 credits), US History (6 credits), Economics (3 credits), Statistics (3 credits), Trigonometry (3 credits). 

    NCHS is also pleased to offer 16 Advanced Placement courses.  Students taking these classes will take the AP exam in May and may earn college credit if they score 3 or higher on a scale of 1-5.

    Students who take advantage of this unique opportunity can earn enough basic credits to finish college in half the time. Many students have completed several hours of college courses while being involved in numerous extracurricular activities in high school. Eagle U. students are well rounded and virtually 100% of them participate in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus.

    Eagle U students have special privileges. When you become part of Eagle U, there are field trips to universities, participation in college day, and other activities that involve cooperation from local colleges and universities. Eagle U is an elite group of students who are focused on their future while saving their parents some money.

    Join Eagle University and get a jump start on higher education while enjoying your high school experience.  For more information about Eagle U, please contact Lauri Stephenson, Dean of Instruction, or see your counselor.