Jr. Historians

  • Welcome to KCMS Junior Historians Club, where we are Making A Difference! 

    Are you M.A.D.?  Get M.A.D. !

    Here's How...

    Do you have a special interest in history? Do you want to experience history come alive? Do you want to be a part of preserving school history, documenting and recording local history, and serving the community?


    Join us and start Making A Difference!

    Take a look at the possible activities and opportunities for KCMS Junior Historian members.

    The club is modeled in alliance with The Junior Historians of Texas. It is an extracurricular program for students in grades four through twelve sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association. The club will meet directly after school bi-monthly.  Other meeting dates/times may be scheduled as needed.

    Requirements for membership:

    6th, 7th or 8th grade student with an interest in being a part of and making history come alive. Students must maintain an 85+ or above in their History class and an 80+ in all other subjects. Students must abide by the KCMS Student Code of Conduct and be free of behavior incidents. Student must have recommendation from a teacher and permission from a parent/guardian to participate. New membership will be offered during the 1st nine weeks and at the semester. Membership dues will be $15 per year and will include a subscription to the Texas Historian Magazine (a student published History Magazine).

    Start Up: 

    Invitations and membership opportunity will begin after the first 3 weeks progress report. Applications will be available for students to complete. Membership will be considered by the 6 week progress report. Any student not meeting grade requirements at a 9 week grading period will be put on probation and ineligible to participate until the next grade report showing improvement.

    Possible Activities (subject to administrator approval):

    • develop constitution and committees
    • raise and lower flags daily
    • lead the pledges during announcements
    • gather announcement/create slide for cafeteria announcements "on this day in history"
    • write/edit history column in school newspaper
    • create political cartoon for each edition of the school newspaper
    • keep accurate documentation of school records (athletic/academic) to monitor and announce when records are broken
    • sponsor Halloween Dance with Prize for Costume Contest winners "Best Historical Costume"
    • provide school tours and short history for students arriving new to KCMS during the year
    • be an Eagle buddy for a week to help new students arriving during the year to acclimate to KCMS
    • presentations/performance/reciting of Preamble to school for Constitution Day, Flag Day, or other important days
    • conduct various polls on student issues
    • support student council with activities and elections processes 
    Possible Projects:
    • research, compile, and complete school history and archive
    • begin written and photo documentation of school events to add to school history
    • begin locating artifacts to be used in classrooms to enhance teaching
    • translate the constitution and bill of rights into "modern" language to be kept in library and shared with other campuses
    • paint school song in both gyms and possibly cafeteria

    Possible Activities for members:
    • History Fair Competition 
    • Essay Contests hosted by TSHA
    • Publication in the Texas Historian Magazine
    Possible Fundraising Ideas:
    • Fundraising Committee for ideas :) (to raise money for possible field trips/projects/and t-shirts)
    • Book Sales
    • School Store
    • Halloween Dance