Over the course of my 18 years as an educator, I have learned a few simple truths about people, especially children.
1.  We don’t all think alike
2.  We don’t all place the same value on the same things
3.  Some of us have one skill set and skill level, while others of us have a different set. 
Yet, we all have value and we all have feelings. We can all hurt others and feel hurt by others at times. We all like to learn when learning is real, personable, and fun.  Because of this, we have more in common than we often might realize...
So, it is important to me that we recognize what makes us different so that we learn what role we fill to benefit our teams, our families, our school, and our community.  However, it is even more important that we recognize our commonalities so that we might grow in our understanding of each other, take care of each other, and celebrate each other.  
It is my pleasure to share with you our direction as a faculty when it comes to working with each other and building relationships, especially with our students. It is also my duty to you, to tell you my personal beliefs and expectations as we begin on this learning adventure together. My vision and mission statements reflect how I live my life and how I believe things “ought to be”. Please take a moment to read these statements.
My Personal Vision
We will continue to evolve as a campus focused on guiding students to become career and education minded. At New Caney Middle School, students will learn to make critical decisions concerning the path of their academic growth. We will teach our students to take personal responsibility for their learning, and assist them in using their education to provide a fuller and richer life for themselves and those around them.

My Mission
Relationships: We will develop and maintain professional, nurturing, and empathetic relationships with our students, parents, work partners, and district family. We will strive to provide unparalleled customer service to our students and community stakeholders. We will let every student know we care, by joyfully giving them our time and attention and by respecting student’s feelings. We will know our students by name.
Instruction: We will utilize researched, best practices and instructional strategies that meet all modalities of student learning, require educators to assume the role of a facilitator of learning, and allow students the opportunity to learn through inquiry and self discovery. We will train students to think for themselves.
Climate: We will form a campus climate that respects and celebrates student and adult differences while recognizing that good discipline, encouragement, and love are the cornerstones that all students and staff will honor and display toward each other for the good of the group. We will not tolerate abuse, bullying, discrimination, or attitudes and behaviors that permit dissention or the tearing-apart of our positive school community.
Performance: We will be impeccable in everything we do. We recognize that we are role models for our students. Students and parents should expect that we are exemplary morally, ethically, and professionally in our actions, speech, writing, temperament, and attitude. We will be punctual, dutiful, loyal, service minded, respectful and kind in everything we do and to everyone we meet.
Problem Solving: We recognize that when problems arise, our focus should be on what needs to be done to correct the problem, not merely pointing out who is at fault. We will constantly look for solutions to our problems. We will seek out and meet head-on necessary conflicts in hopes to resolve those conflicts. We recognize these situations as opportunities to grow and improve upon our systems and relationships.
Professional Development: We are in a continuous cycle of honing our skills as educators. We will seek out opportunities to improve ourselves personally and professionally. We will collaborate and learn from each other, as we recognize that all team members have a knowledge and skill set from which we can learn. We will all demonstrate our leadership abilities, and share our expertise with one another.
Student Performance: We recognize the need for accountability of our students and of ourselves. We shall use data to drive changes in curriculum, instructional strategies, interventions, discipline, school climate and other facets of our school. We will take pride in the successes of our students. We will take responsibility in the failure of our students.

I look forward to working with all of you!
Bryan Applegate
New Caney Middle School